Friday, 21 March 2014


We often accept the responsibilities we think we deserve and take for granted the responsibilities we think we don't deserve. Either way, it is still a responsibility. We sometimes accept both or decline both. Responsibility is given to us because there are people who believe we can handle it well. However, as time goes by, we eventually get tired of the responsibilities and we decide to stop doing whatever tasks given to us. Our performances gradually decline and yes, we realized that we are not doing well with ourselves and the responsibilities. However, we won't do anything about it just because we are tired.

That was a rant. An irrational rant. It should not be that way.

It should be this way. Responsibility is given to us because they trust us. Most importantly, a responsibility given to us is a sign that Allah wants us to do the things we should do or we must do instead of wasting time doing things which won't give any benefits to us and the society. So, be grateful with the responsibilities we receive. It may take most of your time and lessen your time to do the things you have always been doing all this while but believe me, there is a reason, why the responsibility is given to you. Either Allah wants you to learn or Allah wants you to make a change towards a group of people. Whatever it is, be grateful & with great power come great responsibility.