Saturday, 28 September 2013


At the age of 20,
You'll find yourself stuck in the kitchen thinking
what to put first and what to put next in your cooking.
But it's okay, you're learning.

At the age of 20,
You'll fall in love with a boy
but you can never reach his heart.
You'll get tired,
You'll build a wall around your heart
but hey, life is too short to not fall in love again.

At the age of 20,
you'll be staying back late at the campus
trying to figure out the demand function.
It slowly cracks your head and never gets easier.
But it's okay, it will get better.

At the age of 20,
You'll have the awesomest friends,
Telling you what you need to hear
but not something you want to hear.
After all what happened
You learn it is worth it to walk away
from those who do not matter.

At the age of 20,
you'll find yourself wandering around the Walmart
Looking for stuff you don't need
when it's the only way to make yourself better.
Keep wandering because sometimes good thing
comes when it least expected.

At the age of 20,
Your family is 10000 miles away from you,
It's not something that you want,
it's not something that they want either.
It's called sacrifices.
Made to achieve your goals.

At the age of 20,
You know you want to go out of the comfort zone
but you're insecure,
you're afraid of taking the risk.
No, you're not supposed to.
Just spread your wings and break away.

At the age of 20,
You'll be lost in the sea of strangers.
You're looking for something.
You're longing for something
but you have no idea what it is.
You'll keep looking and looking
but it's not there.
It's okay, keep going and don't look back.
Cause you're almost there.

At the age of 20,
You'll tell yourself,
"I want to be the girl that everyone will be proud of"
but you don't know how.
It's not that easy but it's possible.
Stay strong, hang in there and live well.
He'll guide you through.